AutoUncle - How does it work?

How it works

AutoUncle creates transparency by gathering and cleaning the jungle of adverts and valuates the market price of every car for sale.

The valuation is based on our algorithm called AutoScore that automatically scans every advert for up to a 100 different factual informations, which have an impact on the market price.

More about the AutoScore

The vision

AutoUncle’s vision is to make the used car market transparent and attract more buyers and sellers.

How does AutoUncle intend to make money?

AutoUncle’s ambition is to earn money by providing extra tools, insights and decision support to private as well as professional users.

An alternative to your clever but subjective uncle

Uncles give subjective advice… No more! The idea for AutoUncle came up because we wanted to develop an independent alternative for you who would otherwise be dependent on your old uncle’s advice.

AutoUncle is your independent guide to the best deals. AutoUncle’s guidance is based on huge amounts of empirical data and advanced statistics.

Our team

Team johan

Johan Frederik Schjødt

Co-founder and CEO
Team niels

Niels Kristian Schjødt

Co-founder and Senior Developer
Team jonas

Jonas Bruun Nielsen

Team cristian

Cristian Andrei

Senior Developer & Designer
Team stella

Stella Hudy

International PR & Marketing Manager
Team loella

Loella Rifat Pehrsson

Team stefan l

Stefan Lüttich

Head of Sales Germany
Team ole

Ole Korndörfer

Key Account Manager
Team sebastian

Sebastian Schmidt

Manager Digital Performance
Team julia

Julia Werner

Inside Sales Manager
Team davide

Davide Casciaro

Digital consultant Italy
Team fredrik

Fredrik Danielsson

Revenue manager
Team cathrine

Cathrine Askildt

Sales Manager & Key Accounts Manager SE
Team anja

Anja Schakow

Sales Manager & Key Accounts Manager DK
Team mark

Mark Tune

Sales Manager & Key Accounts Manager DK
Team henrik

Henrik Jacobsen Gandløse

Digital Customer Developer Denmark
Team emil

Emil Schou

Transaction Manager
Team louise

Louise Støy Andersen

Transactional Mediator
Team adam

Adam Høj Even

Transactional Mediator
Team theis

Theis Abild Weldingh

Transactional Mediator
Team tobias

Tobias Larsen

Transactional Mediator
Team hannah

Hannah Kock

Transactional Mediator
Team mathilde

Mathilde Juhl Sanguniet

Transactional Mediator
Team radu

Radu-Bogdan Croitoru

Full Stack Developer
Team mladen

Mladen V. Angelov

Front-end developer
Team karol

Karolina Łaski

Team catalin

David Cătălin Dorin

iOS Developer
Team paul

Paul Sopterean

Junior Developer & Web Scraping Specialist
Team cata

Catalin Daniel Leonte

Web Scraping Specialist
Team rares

Sulita Rares Stefan

Web Scraping Assistant
Team marcello

Marcello Bardini

PR & Marketing Manager Italy
Team helle

Helle Klaris

Graphic Designer & Project Manager
Team knud

Knud Andreasen

Monetization Manager
Team stefan

Stefan Robert Stegaru

Online Advertisements Specialist
Team ellen

Ellen Kjemtrup

Lead Accountant
Team theodora

Theodora Alexandra Irava

Bookkeeping and Administration Assistant


Investor hampus

Hampus Jakobsson

Investor and advisor

Open positions

Are you truly talented and do you think you can bring something valuable to AutoUncle? You are more than welcome to send us an unsolicited application for a position in our team. Just send an email to with your details and motivation letter and we'll get back to you.

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